LinCS 2 Durham Collaborative Council


Welcome to LinCS 2 Durham!

Welcome to the LinCS 2 Durham HIV Prevention Project. 'LinCS' stands for Linking Communities and Scientists. Our partnership is a dynamic example of community based participatory research (CBPR) in progress, and it holds the promise of meaningful discovery in HIV prevention that will be specific to Durham North Carolina -- and that neither community nor scientists can achieve alone!

In a community with a disproportionate burden of disease, LinCS 2 Durham brings the Black community together with local scientists to dialogue and learn about different approaches to preventing HIV. We want to know how HIV prevention research can be tailored to the needs of Durham, and how best to conduct that research in our community. Whatever those answers, your voice is central to better outcomes.

We hope that information provided about LinCS 2 Durham activities will encourage you to get involved and become a member of our Collaborative Council. We value your input!